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For Music Students, Parents & Teachers who want to learn music theory faster and see musicianship success! 

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Music Theory doesn't have to be boring!

Have you ever wondered if you could be even better at playing music?

Sure, you've got the technique down, and can play songs, but what if you really understood it? What if understanding the theory behind music changed your whole experience with it?

It's not just fun anymore, it becomes exhilarating!

Feel like a music master in the making by learning the universal language of music!

Better yet, our Music Theory App makes it FUN!

How do we make it fun?

We Gamify it!

Once upon a time… when I was little, my Mom knew this technique well. She would say, “Glory, would you rather wash the dishes (pre-dishwashers when humans scrubbed plates in the sink after every meal!), or would you rather play the piano?” 

I hopped off my chair and ran to the piano to play all the tunes my mother loved, knowing that she would enjoy this, and I’d never be on dish duty! 🎶🧼🫧🍽️

By gamifying my practice, my mother got me to play the piano every night for at least 30 minutes without pushing me to practice. Clever, wasn’t she? 🙂

YES, I Want the UMT APP!

Hi, I’m Glory St. Germain


If you’re the sort of person who wants to add enjoyment to your life, your children’s lives, and your student’s lives with music; then we have something in common! 

I help educators, parents, and students of all ages by offering them tools to make music more creative, enjoyable, and shareable. My motto is “Learn & Teach with Passion!”

Thousands of teachers, parents, and students have been able to understand the universal language of music theory in new ways because the Ultimate Music Theory approach gives them better results at a faster tempo than ever before.

You deserve to have theory made FUN for you, as my Mom made practice fun for me. 

Through all of my life’s accomplishments as an author, podcaster and educator, I consistently work to improve your accessibility to excellence in music education.

That's why we partnered with Brainscape to develop a cutting-edge music theory app on their platform that correlates directly with each of the Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks.

Does this make learning music theory even MORE fun and engaging? “Absolutely!”

Thousands of people, just like you, are using the Ultimate Music Theory App in Brainscape!!! 🙌 

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"The UMT App allows me to support my students better and give them the best learning opportunities. I especially appreciate their being able to learn note recognition at speed. My students are more engaged.”

~ Heather Revell UMTC Elite Educator


The UMT APP Learns Your Personal Knowledge and Adapts!

What you will especially love about the Ultimate Music Theory App is that it quickly learns your personal knowledge level and adjusts your app experience to match. With a unique audio and video experience that captures your brain’s full attention, the UMT App keeps you motivated to master music theory in a dynamic, interactive way so that you become a truly skilled musician.

Practice Becomes Easier!

If you are a teacher or parent, the app becomes your “teaching and practice partner” available for your student or child at your convenience, anytime. You can easily direct your child to complete daily music theory practice – so that music practice becomes easier! 

For students, the UMT App makes it easy to communicate your theory mastery level to your music instructor through the built-in progress tracking system. 

As a teacher, when you check the progress bar and leaderboard on your student’s app, you will quickly grasp your student’s theory mastery level so that you save precious lesson time.

Comprehensive and Game-Style Learning!

The app’s gamified learning system uses a variety of fun activities to fully engage all modalities so you can truly understand theory concepts easily.

Music theory is a BROAD topic; you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. This is why the Ultimate Music Theory App is so successful for learning quickly.  With over 7,000 all-inclusive Flashcards + Audio, each level naturally progresses into the next.

Yes, this app is comprehensive.

Stay challenged at YOUR perfect level as you rise from Prep 2 to Advanced in the progressive theory skill levels. Each Flashcard Deck matches the UMT Workbooks. Celebrate your musical achievements!


You will learn to skillfully and effortlessly...


Notes, Scales, Intervals, Chords, Rhythm & More!


Exact Pitch of Notes & Pronunciation of Musical Terms.


Written notation, Time Signatures & Key Signatures.


Sight Reading & Ear Training to Develop Musicianship Skills.


For Music Theory Exams & College Entrance Exams.


What to Expect:

Prep 2 Music Theory

Improve your understanding of notation, rest values, scales, intervals, music terms, Treble Clef & Bass Clef.

Basic Music Theory

Build sight reading skills, analyze music, learn the Circle of Fifths (4 flats & sharps), Key Signatures & Simple Time.

Intermediate Music Theory

Understand rhythm in Simple & Compound Time, identify scales, intervals, cadences & the Circle of Fifths (7 flats & sharps).

Advanced Music Theory

Discover octatonic, pentatonic scales, intervals, inversions, transposition, technical degree names, hybrid time & cadences.

Ear Training

Learn to identify and repeat back rhythms, melody directions, chords, modes, key signatures and more with ear training.

Music Trivia

Connect with the rich history of music. Discover what kind of instruments there were thousands of years ago & fun facts.

The UMT Flashcards App Levels correlate to the Matching Levels in the Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks

“My students love using the UMT Workbooks together with the UMT App and getting great scores on their theory exams. It is a fantastic app!”
~ Leanna Minnick UMTC Elite Educator


The Ultimate Music Theory App includes Over 7000 Flashcards + Audio!

Accelerate your learning with UMT Flashcards delivered through Brainscape's leading edge App platform - the "intelligent flashcards" system compatible on all your devices! Explore the Ultimate Music Theory Flashcards to Create Your Learning Success Today!


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"I love studying with the Ultimate Music Theory App to learn my notes, intervals, rhythm, terms and more.

It was easy for me to study all by myself. I thought it was cool to see my learning progress too. 

And I scored 100% on my music theory exam!" 

~ Shavaughn Jochum, Piano & Theory Student


A unique Brainscape login for every purchase allows you to track your individual progress. While a teacher can purchase one single account for use in their studio, it’s best for each student to purchase their own Ultimate Music Theory App that they can use anytime, anywhere and which will be tailored to their learning experience.  

Our amazing partnership with the Brainscape platform gives our users access to their very robust program, and there is plenty of tech support should you happen to have a unique problem!  

Yes! Brainscape’s platform supports both your Apple and Android phones and devices. By logging into the app or a web browser on a computer it’s easy to connect to your Brainscape account and seamlessly continue your music theory progress.

Yes! By pairing the matching Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks with the app, you can effortlessly match your music theory lessons with your UMT App decks.  

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to the team at [email protected] and we will get back to you within two working days to answer your question.

You are getting a fun, comprehensive way to learn music theory because when it is fun, we naturally progress faster. You have an on-the-go learning tool that you can use anytime, even when standing in a grocery line! The game experience makes learning theory enjoyable and easy.

“The UMT App is a good resource. My kids love learning with the Flashcards, and I'm able to see what they need to work on more.”

~ Tonia (parent of a happy music student)


“The UMT App is easy and effective for keeping my knowledge fresh. The most useful feature for me is that it brings back the difficult questions.

We can practice what we don't know. Plus, I like the simple style, and easy access on Brainscape.”

~ Nóra Tóth-Fekete UMTC Elite Educator

Get ready to learn Music Theory in a fun and engaging way, and bring so much more to your practice!

Explore the Ultimate Music Theory App to Create Your Learning Success Today!


Get the App for Only $37.00