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Discover the Ultimate Music Theory Teachers Membership... Only $7 for 7 Days

Become a Member Join UMT Today - $7 for 7 Days (Offer Expires Jan 31/23)

Exclusively Designed for Music Teachers - Empowering You With A Professional Plan To Successfully Teach Music Theory And Avoid Overwhelm...


  • You want to give your students a solid foundation in music theory but don't know where to start?
  • You want to teach music theory but don't have time to research and create engaging teaching materials?
  • You want to run a profitable teaching studio without burning yourself out and spending every free minute in your business?


Do you just want someone to tell you WHERE 
to find the answers to your questions and get SUPPORT 
so you can have the music teaching studio of your dreams?  

Discover 3 Secrets Inside...

✔  An Online Library where you can go to access incredible Music Theory Teaching Resources.

✔  The Music Vault where you can get all your perfectly prepared Music Theory Lesson Plans and Worksheets.

✔  A Treasure Chest filled with new entertaining Music Theory Games every month.


Imagine having all of this right at your fingertips - not only for one level but for 7 different levels!

Introducing The Ultimate Music Theory Teachers Membership!

This one-of-a-kind membership is the answer to your music theory teaching concerns. Now you can have lesson plans, games, worksheets, training videos, and more - designed to give you the knowledge, tools & support you're looking for.

The UMT Teachers Membership enables you to teach music theory and take your business to the Next Level of Success!

As a music teacher...

I took the challenge to start teaching music theory. In the beginning, I thought I wasn’t educated enough.

I wanted to give up (yes it’s true!) and thought teaching theory was for other people, and never for me. 

Eventually, I started teaching music theory and preparing students for music theory exams. And then it happened.
Right then and there my very first student scored 100% on her RCM theory exam!

I was THRILLED and so was she!

That was my Ah-ha moment.

That moment I realized what I was doing to prepare my students for exams was effective and successful. 

It led me to develop the Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Program...
The success formula for teaching music theory. 

I kept designing music theory teaching tools and stored them inside my personal vault.

And now I'm opening my vault and sharing it with you inside...
The Ultimate Music Theory Teachers Membership.



Learn Theory Techniques - Music theory articles with concepts easily explained and instant access to downloadable theory worksheets.


Plan Your Success Path – Save hours of time with the Done-for-You Lesson Plans, downloadable theory overview chart & Ultimate Music Teachers Planner.


Teach the UMT Program - A Proven Step-by-Step System to learn music faster with new Games & Worksheets (for all 7 levels) every month.


Grow Your Teaching Mastery – Implement the strategies into your music studio to increase your income, build relationships and develop your teaching skills.

Are you excited but wonder if your Music Theory knowledge is enough?

BONUS #1 Complete Music Theory Course

I know how you feel. Before I became known as the “Ultimate Music Theory Queen” I was embarrassed to teach music theory and sent my students to other teachers.  Imagine that!

That's why I am giving you access to The Complete Music Theory Online Course ($1200 Value)

♪  MASTER SKILLS - Build knowledge in music theory with the Complete Rudiments Workbook

♪  LEARN FASTER - Develop sight-reading and ear training skills for music mastery

♪  DISCOVER SYSTEMS - Implement the elements of music in melody, harmony, and rhythm

That sounds great, but do I have to do it all alone?

BONUS #2 Ultimate Music Theory Teachers Exclusive Facebook Group

You are not alone. You can surround yourself with like-minded people that understand what you are going through and that makes teaching so much easier. Imagine that!

That's why I created The UMT Teachers Exclusive Facebook Group (Priceless)

♪  NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES - Connect with supportive educators from around the world

♪  SOLUTIONS ONLY - Ask the experts to help you get the answers you need right now

♪  GROWTH MINDSET - Elevate your positive mental attitude as you grow your business

Do you want to connect with an expert on a deeper level?

BONUS #3 UMT Coaching Calls with Expert Coach Glory St. Germain

I got you! I know firsthand the importance of coaching - an essential process that gives you the success tools to improve your life skills faster. Imagine that!

That's why I've included this HUGE Bonus of group UMT Coaching Calls ($6000 Value) 

♪  RESULTS FOCUSED - Professional development & accountability to achieve your goals

♪  PURPOSE DRIVEN - Discover your why and the absolute "must" that drives your passion

♪  ACTION PLAN - Learn how to implement strategies into your life to live your dream lifestyle


✓ LEARN Teacher Training Videos ($997 Value) “How-To” Secrets to Teach Group Classes & Make More Money $$$ in Your Studio for Profitability!

✓ PLAN Teacher Planners & Lesson Plans ($1200 Value) Done-for-You & Ready to Motivate Students of all Learning Styles & Abilities.

✓ TEACH Monthly Themed Games ($1200 Value) Engage in Gamification and Learn Through Play from Beginner to Advanced.

✓ GROW Your Music Studio ($1500 Value) Time Saving Worksheets, Certificates & Resources at Your Fingertips for Theory Club Class & Theory Club Camp.

 BONUS #1  Complete Music Theory Course ($1200 Value) Learn the exact system to teach with confidence.  A "must-have" Teacher Training to elevate your skill set.

✓ BONUS #2  UMT Teachers Exclusive Facebook Group (Priceless) Networking Opportunities, Teacher Support & Industry Community Connection.

✓ BONUS #3  UMT Group Coaching Calls ($6000 Value) Discover how our proven approach to Expert Coaching can help you scale your music teaching business!

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Here's how the UMT Teachers Membership has changed lives...

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