Teach Intervals Online Course

The Teach Intervals Course is designed to give you the teaching techniques to answer What, Where and Why Interval questions.

The Teach Intervals Course includes 6 video sessions: two for each level of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments, plus all your downloadable worksheets with examples and exercises.

Teach Intervals Course – What, Where and Why Secrets Revealed

This Unique Music Theory Teacher Training Course is just for you.

What will you learn in the Teach Intervals Course?

You will learn the 9 mnemonics devices for better memory in learning intervals for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments PLUS the What, Where and Why Secrets Revealed.

Part 1 – Basic Rudiments

  • WHAT is an interval? The one thing you can do to instantly communicate intervals.
  • WHERE do you begin to identify an interval? The 3 Simple Steps that work every time!
  • WHY is an interval Major, minor or Perfect? Just because I said so… is not the final answer.
  • “Secret Salute” for placement of accidentals.

Part 2 – Intermediate Rudiments

  • WHAT is an Aug or dim interval? You will learn 3 more of the 9 Mnemonic devices for better memory.
  • WHERE do you begin to identify an interval? Opening the Circle of Fifths and why it MUST be done that way.
  • WHY does an interval inversion = 9? You will learn the Karate Chop Method of identifying intervals.
  • “Secret Side-by-Side” rule for accidentals.

Part 3 – Advanced Rudiments

  • WHAT is a Compound interval? The one thing you can do to instantly connect intervals to melody.
  • WHERE do you begin to identify an inversion? Top note, bottom note or does it really matter?
  • WHY does a dim 5 sound like an Aug 4?
  • “Secret Square System” for interval identification.

Your Professional Development and Teaching Success continues with the Teach Intervals Course - A $200 Value for ONLY $49!


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