The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course & Elite Educator Program - Guaranteed To Make Teaching Theory Easy, Effective & Profitable!

Learn how you can become an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher.

You already know studying music without theory is like studying English without grammar…

But finding the right music theory curriculum to keep you (and your students) motivated isn’t easy.

Let’s face itthere are thousands of music journals, workshops, & teaching philosophies out there already…

It feels impossible to keep abreast of all the information & choose the right materials for every single aspect of your teaching.

All you want is for your students (AND their parents) to commit to music lessons with the same passion they commit to *gasp* sports…

You try to make theory relevant to your students, so they can see how it applies to their music… and it’s not just another course or homework assignment!

But you often end up feeling like you’re pushing a piano through a brick wall... 

Heck, by the end of a looong week, you’re left feeling overwhelmed, alone & completely discouraged!


You might even end up asking yourself the same questions repeatedly, like:

  • How do I motivate my over-scheduled, busy students to practice (...after all, music is a daily activity!)
  • How can I teach music theory so that students are engaged in learning?
  • How can I keep up with all the newest music theory methods & supplements?
  • How do I show the parents the importance of investing in music (not just sports)?
  • How can get my students to register for 2 lessons per week (theory AND instrument/voice)?
  • How can I help my students reach their full musical potential before giving up?
  • How can I attract more students and maintain a full teaching studio, so I’m not scrambling for money?

Sound familiar?

It’s not like you’re lazy, unfocused, or unmotivated. Quite the opposite—

You’re teaching nights & weekends, trying your best to accommodate your students’ schedules—while juggling other activities.


And don’t even get me started on scheduling!

Scheduling is an ongoing issuewith all the cancellations & special requests to move days… it feels like you’ve lost control over your ENTIRE calendar.

And how are you supposed to get more studentsand more moneyif your time is maxed out already?

On “bad” days, you might ask yourself…

What am I missing? What’s THE secret ingredient other “successful” music teachers have that I don’t? Why do I feel stuck?

We’ll answer those questions in a minute...



Burnout is a real thingand it could kill your *passion* for teaching music AND your income…

Maybe you entered into this business because you felt a strong desire to share what you love with your students (...while also getting paid for it).

Maybe you’re eager to grow your music studio (so you don’t have to worry about taking on a second job to make ends meet)...

And hey, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a relaxing meal with family & friends every once in a while?!?

Pssst! A ton of talented music teachers struggle with the same challenges you face.

But, once you’ve mastered music theory and you’ve got access to the strategies, tricks & tools you need to teach it in a fun AND effective way, things fall into place, FAST.


So, why do I NEED to master music theory?


50% of students quit music lessons within the first 2-3 years.

These students quit because they find it too hard. And they find it too hard because they don’t understand the language of music...

You wouldn’t hand a 5-year-old kid Shakespeare without first teaching them grammar and the ebbs and flows of poetry, right?

The same goes for teaching music...

You wouldn’t ask a 5-year-old student to pick up a book and read chords from the top down without first teaching them music theory.

The study of music theory can help students gain a deeper understanding of music composition & performance, so they understand the WHY behind all of it…

And guess what?!? The principles that govern the study and production of music are the SAME that govern those of math and science.

So, when you help your students understand music theory, you’re helping them understand how the world around them works. Win-win!

Music theory ALSO has the power to free your mind from self-doubt...

So you can master the art of teaching music theory classes in an easy-to-understand way that delights your students (because they’ll learn faster) AND increases your income (we’ll talk about this in a minute).

MUSIC THEORY is the MISSING INGREDIENT you need to build a thriving studioeven if you’ve struggled in the past.  

This is how you not only transform your life, but you also transform the lives of your students, forever.


There are plenty of business coaches in this world, but a business coach exclusively for music teachers... is a rarity… and especially one who has impacted thousands of music teachers globally.  Don’t you think learning business skills is a worthwhile investment?

Yes, it can reward you in many ways - more income, more students, and more impact… And more time to yourself!




The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course is the only go-at-your-own-pace pedagogical teaching program designed to help you:

  • DISCOVER 17 POWERFUL TEACHING SKILLS - the exclusive step-by-step system to build knowledge in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments, including exam preparation.
  • MASTER NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) - build rapport with your students so they like you and want to learn with you (you’ll finally know how to identify a student’s learning style).
  • INCREASE YOUR INCOME WITH PROVEN MARKETING STRATEGIES - yes, it’s possible to increase your income and have fun without adding extra classes to your schedule (I’ll show you how to do it!).
  • MOTIVATE YOUR STUDENTS USING OUR COLLECTION OF CREATIVE LESSON PLANS - you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! I’ll give you lesson plans, tools, mnemonic devices & games you can use with your students each week (imagine the time you’ll save!).

Guaranteed to help you teach theory with confidence AND make more money with a full schedule of students who LOVE learning (...and don’t reschedule ‘cause they have soccer practice!)


Access ALL 3 levels of this program from the comfort of your own home!


Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Rudiments Music Theory (plus an exam at the end of each level—we’ll talk about the certification process below!)


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What if someone could show you how to get paid more to teach music theory in a FUN and effective way?


Glory St. Germain UMT Author & Creator of the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Elite Educator Program.

Hi, I’m the eccentric music teacher who loves peanut butter with my coffee (don’t judge!) and dreams of driving my someday “candy apple red mustang convertible” from Vancouver down the coast to LA… top down all the way!

I started teaching at the age of 16 because I wanted to earn enough money to buy a car…

I ended up with 35 students ranging from young children to adults. I loved seeing the absolute joy in their eyes when they learned a new piece of music.

Turns out you can make more money teaching music than working at the local Dairy Queen. (I was the only one out of my friends with a car!)


But, I STILL wasn't comfortable about knowing how to teach music theory!

Every time I attempted to teach theory, I walked away frustrated, confused, embarrassed, and I had NO IDEA where to find the answers.

As I sat in on my young daughter Sherry's theory class, the language was “technical” and not related to the music itself. There were no games and no laughter – just this feeling of get this theory done and DON’T YOU DARE have fun!

Up to this point in my piano teaching studio, I didn’t have the confidence to even teach theory.

I even sent students to a different teacher for their theory lessons, because I loved my students and wanted the best possible education for them.

I knew that when it came to theory, I couldn’t give them the best.

I finally learned theory when a young student begged me to teach her theory.

Her exact words… “Miss Glory, I know you don’t know anything about theory, but if you are willing to learn, I would love it if you would teach me.” 

And so my journey began...  little did I know this conversation would one day become the beginning of my creating the...
Ultimate Music Theory Certification Elite Educator Program.


Here’s what shocked Elizabeth about the UMT Certification Course...

“I signed up for the course to learn how to market theory classes for more income… but I was in SHOCK. I re-learned some theory in a new way, I learned lots of theory I never knew, and I finally understood some concepts that have caused me grief for years. This course was ABOVE and BEYOND anything I expected. It took me HIGHER and FURTHER than I expected to go." 
-Elizabeth Freiter, UMTC, Private Piano & Theory Teacher



I wanted to learn and teach concepts in the simplest ways, to help young students RETAIN information and have fun learning (so they wouldn’t think it was boring like I did as a kid!).

After years of study, (ARCT Associate Royal Conservatory of Music Teacher's Diploma), research & development, I created my own program and realized there are many teachers, just like me, that could use help teaching music theory and growing their teaching businesses.



Professionally, I’ve partnered with Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren as we've written over 60 books, created the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course, UMT Flashcards App and built a business that helps teachers just like you grow profitable teaching businesses on our own terms because…

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You’ll NEVER feel intimidated by music theory again…


Listen to Becky Landreth UMTC, NCTM share her Success Story!


How can I get certified as a music theory teacher, you ask?

At the end of each section of this program (Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced) you’ll find a written Teacher’s Exam (don’t panicI promise you, you’ll know waaay more than you need to know!).

Once you have completed the Teacher’s Basic Music Theory Exam, you submit it via email to our UMT Examiner Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren for marking.

And then you continue with the Intermediate Music Theory sessions, followed by the Advanced Music Theory sessions.

What’s the criteria for the Certification?

When all 3 written Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course Teachers’ Exams are completed and marked (with a pass of 80%*First Class Honors*)...

You’ll receive the designation of U.M.T.C. and we’ll send you the official Ultimate Music Theory Certification Teachers’ Certificate (hang that baby on the wallyou earned it!).

Worried about the exams?

This will make you feel betterremember how I said you need to score above 80% to pass the exam?



Every single one of our UMT Certified Teachers has completed the course with an average mark of over 90% on the exams!

Not bad, eh?


How is this course different from ALL THE OTHER music theory courses out there?


First, this is the only pedagogical teacher training designed to help you:

♫  Learn Easily In Your Own Home At Your Own Tempo

♫  Save Years Of Time In One Step-by-Step Online Course

♫  Get Certified With The UMTC Professional Development Program 

Second, when you join me inside, you’ll discover WHY students need to be taught in their own learning style, HOW to teach music theory effectively & WHAT you can do to increase your income teaching group theory classes (so you can make more money without adding extra hours to your schedule!).

READY? What I’m about to say might BLOW YOUR MIND...

You could make an extra $4K/month
teaching group theory classes...



If you teach 4 group theory club classes a week ($250/class), you could make an extra $4K a month (and you’d only work 4 hours a week!). Crazy, right?

If you’re not sure how to package group music theory classes (I call them ‘theory club classes’)...

You’ll find out how to structure these UMT Club Classes and market them to musicians of all ages (from beginner to advanced), so it’s a no-brainer decision.


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Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teachers Celebrate Success!

Increase Your Confidence & Income with the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course


Listen to LiPing Hudson UMTC share her Success Story!

“I wasn’t very confident in my theory before this course… but now I feel confident, and I love watching my students apply what they’ve learned to prepare for theory examinations.

I now offer three group theory classes (with 15 students), which has provided additional income. I began with one group theory class and now I have three!

I would even say that this course has helped me increase my income by MORE than $1K/month, solely from teaching group theory classes.  

The best part?

One of my music theory students (who’s also my piano student and a rising 7th grader) auditioned for the Middle School Orchestra and was accepted into Advanced Orchestra because of her solid music theory knowledge.

Teaching music theory classes has helped her and many of my other students excel on the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Examinations.” ~ LiPing Hudson UMTC



EVERYTHING you and your students need to master theory exams & ignite that passion for music creation again, including lifetime access to all 3 LEVELS (each level includes an exam):


Basic Level â™«

  • Session 1—Overview: 51 Sessions divided into 3 groups: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced (2 mins)
  • Session 2—Your Window and how to identify Your Learning Style (21 mins)
  • Session 3—How the Ultimate Music Theory Series is organized, plus Music Notation (32 mins)
  • Session 4—Pitch and how to change the pitch of a note using Accidentals (28 mins)
  • Session 5—See, hear and feel the music, plus semi-tones, enharmonic equivalents and whole tones (22 mins)
  • Session 6—Major scales, Major Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths (24 mins)
  • Session 7—Circle of Fifths with Major Key Signatures to determine intervals (43 mins)
  • Session 8—Add the relative minor keys to the Circle of Fifths beginning with the landmark line— (24 mins)
  • Session 9—How to use Perfect, Major and minor intervals to build Major and minor triads(32 mins)
  • Session 10—How to identify the Time Signature in a piece of music and simplify rhythm(28 mins)
  • Session 11—Experience a UMT Club Class as a student. We will cover 6 concepts of the UMT Club Class(40 mins)
  • Session 12—The final steps in how to complete a Basic Beat with MORE than one rest(31 mins)
  • Session 13—How to identify the key of a melody plus how to transpose up or down one octave(25 mins)
  • Session 14—How to use all three Learning Styles, plus how to analyze a piece of music(15 mins)
  • Session 15—USE - Ultimate Sight and Ear and how to use the Flashcards(12 mins)
  • Session 16—How to teach Ultimate Music Theory or UMT Club Classes(13 mins)
  • Session 17—The UMT Map that combines the key concepts from the Guide and the Chart(18 mins)
  • Session 18—Three Things to Prepare for the Teachers’ Basic Rudiments Exam(2 mins)

Intermediate Level â™«â™«

  • Session 19—The Rules for Rapport Building plus NLP Techniques(6 mins)
  • Session 20—Review the Basic concepts and learn new notation in Intermediate Rudiments(25 mins)
  • Session 21—How to teach the open Circle of Fifths to include 7 sharps and 7 flats(28 mins)
  • Session 22—How accidentals can raise or lower the pitch of a note chromatically(47 mins)
  • Session 23—How triads are built on different degrees of the scale(22 mins)
  • Session 24—How Time Signatures are determined by what kind of note equals one group(43 mins)
  • Session 25—How intervals are determined by the bottom or lower note(32 mins)
  • Session 26—How the position of a triad is determined by the bottom note(28 mins)
  • Session 27—How intervals build 20th Century Scales(12 mins)
  • Session 28—How to identify Major and minor keys using accidentals(14 mins)
  • Session 29—Cadences written in keyboard style: Perfect, Plagal and Imperfect(15 mins)
  • Session 30—When transposing a Major key UP any interval, the new key always remains a Major key(14 mins)
  • Session 31—Discover why we need to study analysis, terms and signs(9 mins)
  • Session 32—How to use Implementation, Communication and Imagination to get immediate results(10 mins)
  • Session 33—How to use ICE - Imagine, Compose, Explore using the Whiteboards to maximize learning(13 mins)
  • Session 34—The UMT Map with Memory Joggers that generate quick recall(16 mins)
  • Session 35—Three Things to Prepare for the Teachers’ Intermediate Rudiments Exam(4 mins)

Advanced Level â™«â™«â™«

  • Session 36—NLP Meta-Programs or Filters, Your Own Filters and setting SMART Goals(10 mins)
  • Session 37—C Clefs (Alto and Tenor), and the correct placement of Key Signatures on the staff(50 mins)
  • Session 38—Writing scales beginning on different degrees of the scale(20 mins)
  • Session 39—How Major scales beginning on different degrees are called Modes(31 mins)
  • Session 40—How to write and identify Simple and Compound Intervals and Inversions(29 mins)
  • Session 41—How to write and identify Triads and Inversions in both Close and Open Position(27 mins)
  • Session 42—How to build Dominant 7th and diminished 7th chords in both Close and Open Position(32 mins)
  • Session 43—How to write and identify cadences in Keyboard Style in both Major and minor keys(16 mins)
  • Session 44—How to identify Time Signatures in Hybrid Time and add rests to complete a measure(18 mins)
  • Session 45—Tips for Transposing, plus transposing to Concert Pitch for Orchestral instruments(26 mins)
  • Session 46—Short Scores and two types of Open Scores, Modern Vocal and String Quartet(21 mins)
  • Session 47—How Analysis develops a deeper understanding of the music(15 mins)
  • Session 48—Your Three Butterflies for productivity: Mental, Emotional and Physical Butterflies(6 mins)
  • Session 49—Memory Joggers, analysis and the way to score over 90% on tests(22 mins)
  • Session 50—How to teach the Advanced UMT Map when preparing students for exams(20 mins)
  • Session 51—Three Things to Prepare for the Teachers’ Advanced Rudiments Exam(3 mins)

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Let’s talk, teacher to teacher, for a minute…

I want you to have the shortcuts, the teaching techniques, the knowledge, and more importantly, your own success story…

And I don’t want you to do it the hard way.

I want you to SHARE your knowledge in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course with others & develop knowledgeable musicians who are set up for success from day one.

I want to help you go beyond your wildest dreams and be on your way to a more confident, more masterful, more impactful UMTC Elite Educator - faster than you can play ‘The Minute Waltz’.

I want you to finally feel in control of your schedule, your income & your music teaching business growth.

What can I say?!?

Helping music teachers is what energizes me (or maybe it’s the 10 cups of coffee?)  â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•â˜•

The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Elite Educator Program will give you the secret to:

U - Understand Learning Styles and Rapport Building Techniques

M - Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Create Successful Relationships

T - Teach Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments with Massive Success

C - Create Financial Freedom with Done-For-You Marketing to Grow Your Music Studio



Here’s the type of success that’s possible for YOU, too...


Listen to Heather Kolankowski UMTC share her Success Story!




“The UMTC Course is a top quality training program and a wealth of resources to ensure that teachers and students have a sure way to score success. I love all the teaching tips!” 
Joan Blench B.A. (Mus) UMTC


“The certification course was excellent! Your program not only sets up the student for success but it will set me up as a teacher to carefully cover each concept with the same success.” 
Diana Fast MYCC UMTC


“The Ultimate Music Theory course has given me a huge boost of confidence as a teacher. I would highly recommend it to all of my fellow teachers. Challenged and inspired! It was amazing!”
Michelle Miller, BA RMT UMTC



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