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~ What's Inside the Course ~

The Complete Music Theory Online Course contains 24 Video sessions.

Each session covers specific music theory concepts as you work through all 256 pages of the
Ultimate Music Theory Complete Rudiments Workbook.
(Downloadable materials included - Complete Rudiments Workbook & Answer Book)

Study at your own tempo and watch each video at your own convenience.

What will your training include in the Complete Music Theory Course?

♪  MASTER SKILLS - Build Knowledge in Intervals, Chords, Scales, Key Signatures, Time Signatures & More

♪  LEARN FASTER - Develop Ear & Sight Skills to HEAR what you SEE and SEE what you HEAR

♪  DISCOVER - Elements of music in Melody, Harmony and Rhythm through Analysis of Music

♪  APPLICATION - Detailed instruction on How to Implement Music Theory into Your Practical Studies


"I took the Online Complete Music Theory Course and I have never had so much fun learning (and re-learning) theory.  In taking UMT’s Complete Music Theory Course, I have gained an entirely new perspective on theory and even its teaching.

Without question, I would recommend this course to any musician looking to refresh and even advance their knowledge and understanding of theory and rudiments.

In my opinion, this Complete Music Theory Course is the “New Gold Standard” in music theory instruction."

~ Joe Andryo, Musician & Teacher with Course Creator Glory St. Germain


What is the Complete Music Theory Online Course Process?

Get Started Today!  Learn at your own tempo as you work through each video session. At the end of each of the 24 video sessions, homework is assigned. Complete your homework in this self-study course and check your work with the answer pages. All downloadable worksheets and answer pages are included in each session.

After video session 12, you will complete the Midterm Exam and submit it for marking. We are here to support your learning and happy to answer any questions you may have. Once you have finished all 24 video sessions of the Complete Music Theory Course, you are ready to take the Final Advanced Music Theory Exam.

What is the Criteria for the Course Completion?

At the end of the Complete Music Theory Course is the written Final Advanced Music Theory Exam. Once you submit your exam for marking and it has been completed and marked (with a pass of 80% - First Class Honors), you will receive your Ultimate Music Theory - Complete Music Theory Course Certificate.


Meet your UMT Examiner Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren (L) and your Teacher Glory St. Germain (R).

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I want to help you go beyond your wildest dreams and be on your way to Master Musicianship Skills.

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